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Pharmacogenomic and Nutrigenomic

Where Your DNA Meets the Prescription Pad

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Pharmacogenomic Counseling

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For many people, finding an effective medication is an exercise in trial and error that can continue for years.

While the benefits of many medications are plentiful, those benefits are not guaranteed for every person. With pharmacogenomic testing, you're increasing your chances of finding the right fit faster. The majority of adults will take some form of prescription medication at some point in life. You deserve to find the ideal medication match for your physiology when the time comes. MyTraitRX helps you do just that through dynamic, personalized medicine testing and DNA-based medication counseling.

Medications that work effectively for some may create side effects or be poorly tolerated for others. Up until recently, physicians and care providers could only look at general data sets to try to determine which medications could be effective for patients dealing with specific issues. That has all changed with the introduction of DNA-based medication counseling through pharmacogenomics. At the forefront of DNA-based testing for medicine compatibility is MyTraitRX. Founded by a clinical pharmacist, MyTraitRX gives patients and clinicians insights for better medication choices.

What is Pharmacog...
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Pharmacogenomic Testing for Antidepressants

What Is


Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes impact our response to medications. 

While factors like age and medical history can be helpful for choosing medications, they don't tell the whole story. Using DNA to predict how each person's body will react to specific medications can help patients get better outcomes without trial and error.

Testing can help doctors choose more effective medications such as those for ADHD and depression or anxiety.  

Who Is DNA-Based Medication Testing For?

Who is DNA-Based...
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Pharmacogenomic testing for medication effectiveness can be a breakthrough for anyone who has struggled to find effective medications such as those for depression, anxiety or ADHD without unmanageable side effects.

We know that people with specific gene patterns can metabolize medications on one of two extreme ends. For some, that means that medications are poorly metabolized. Other people metabolize medications at ultra-fast rates. This information is highly valuable for a care provider when prescribing a medication that will be effective and well-tolerated. 


Having information regarding your tolerance for medications based on your DNA before you start a new medication can help you to skip the trial-and-error phase. This is great information to have in your back pocket even if you're not actively searching for a new medication. The majority of adults will be on some form of medication at some point in their lives.

How is a DNA...
Why Test Now?
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You may be looking for assurance before beginning a new medication.

You may also simply want to be prepared if you need important medication to treat a condition down the road. With MyTraitRx testing, you're receiving valuable information about your specific potential physiological response to medications based on your DNA in two to four weeks!

How Is a DNA Test for Medications Done?

There's no need to visit a doctor or clinic to be tested for medication compatibility.
Simply follow this 3 stage process.
Your results will be generated in a CLIA-certified lab then sent to you via email within two to four weeks.


Receive your
MyTraitRx test by mail



Swab your mouth using
the instructions provided 



Send it back to the lab in
the envelope provided


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